Do I need a PV diverter in order to heat my water with solar energy?

Yes! Without a PV diverter you cannot detect when your house is generating surplus power than it is using and so your Mixergy tank will have no way of detecting when power can be drawn.

PV diverters are able to modulate the power drawn from the electric immersion element. For example, if there is only 1kW of excess PV available, the PV diverter can draw just 1kW of power through the immersion to heat the water. Without the PV diverter, the immersion element would draw 3kW of power, causing 2kW to be imported into the household from the grid during heating.

Our dual immersion elements for heating with PV are PV-diverter ready!

Which PV diverters are Mixergy tanks compatible with?

Mixergy tanks are compatible with all common PV diverters such as solar iBoost, immerSUN and eddi. If your system is specified for use with a PV diverter, we will provide a secondary immersion element for the diverter to plug into. Select ‘PV immersion’ on our tank configuration page.

Can Mixergy tanks also deliver space heating?

Mixergy tanks are designed for hot water delivery only. Space heating is generally designed to be provided by either boilers (70 to 80 C water) or heat pumps (30-45 C water) and make use of closed water loops. The water in these loops (i.e. your radiators or underfloor heating) is NOT potable and cannot be mixed with the hot water supply that the Mixergy tank delivers.

Can I use more than one heat source to heat my water?

With Mixergy you can use more than one heat source to heat your water. All indirect Mixergy tanks come with an electric immersion as backup.

  • If you would like to heat with solar thermal, you must opt for either an indirect tank (single coil) if you are to heat in conjunction with electric, or an indirect tank with a twin coil if you are to heat in conjunction with another indirect sources such as gas
  • If you would like to heat using solar PV, you must opt for a dual immersion element for PV with either a direct (electric only) or indirect (indirect heat sources such as gas) tank
  • If you would like to heat with a heat pump, you must opt for a heat pump plate heat exchanger with either a direct (electric only) or indirect (indirect heat sources such as gas) tank

See all possibilities on our Tank Configuration Builder

I already have a combi boiler. Can I use this to heat my water?

Yes, the Mixergy tank would be plumbed into your central heating loop (i.e. what your radiators connect to) and the ‘combi’ part of your boiler would be disconnected. This would effectively convert the combi boiler into a system boiler.



Would my Mixergy tank have to be installed by an Approved Mixergy Installer?

Mixergy tanks do not have to be installed by an Approved Mixergy Installer and can be installed by any plumber or heating engineer with the relevant qualifications. We do of course highly recommend using one of our approved installers for their expert Mixergy knowledge! You can find an approved installer here.

Which qualifications must my installer have to fit a Mixergy tank?

It is required that installers must hold a BPEC G3 qualification if they are to install an unvented hot water tank.

Are Mixergy tanks installed differently to conventional hot water tanks?

The installation of a Mixergy tank should be familiar to plumbers and heating engineers experienced with standard vented or unvented cylinder installations. Mixergy tanks are designed with a plumbing footprint similar to that of conventional tanks. There is a single inlet for the cold feed at the bottom of the tank, and a single outlet for hot water at the top of the tank. With the exception of the added internet connectivity, the plumbing and electrical work is essentially identical.

What wiring is required to install a Mixergy tank?

Mixergy tank requires a mains voltage electrical supply. Mixergy tanks must be connected to a dedicated 16amp MCB circuit and wired to the latest IEE wiring regulation. A qualified electrician is required to make electrical connection to the unit.

How do I install and connect the PV diverter?

The Mixergy solar (PV) diverter allows your hot water cylinder to redirect and absorb excess solar energy from your PV panels, in the form of hot water. To connect the PV diverter, please refer to the Mixergy PV Diverter Installation Guide.

Is there a technical specification document, containing model specifications?

For technical information, model specs, heat pump exchanger information and specifications, cylinder schematic diagrams and space requirements for our range, please refer to the Technical Specification Guide.

What is a resistor switch and how do I install it?

The resistor switch is a device designed to allow for generic interface with heat pumps expecting the use of a digital NTC/PTC/PT100/PT1000 style sensor for the detection and control of the hot water temperature within the cylinder. To install the resistor switch, please refer to the Resistor Switch Installation Instructions.

What warranty is provided with Mixergy tanks?

Mixergy cylinders comes with a 25-year warranty, with all peripheral components and electronics subject to a 3-year warranty. To validate warranty your tank must be registered and connected to the Mixergy network. For full terms and conditions please download our warranty statement



Why do Mixergy tanks connect to the internet?

Mixergy tanks connect to the internet to enable smarter control of your hot water using the Mixergy App and allows software updates to be automatically received when new App features become available. Remote diagnostics can also be carried out on your tank should you have any problems.

Can I still use Mixergy if I don’t have Wi-Fi?

Mixergy tanks do not require Wi-Fi. Mixergy provides a power-line adapter device which plugs in to your internet router, and the tank uses power-line communication to provide an internet connection to the tank.

My internet connection is poor. Will this affect how well my Mixergy tank works?

Mixergy tanks do not require a high-speed internet connection. A relatively slow but stable internet connection will work fine. If your internet does temporarily disconnect, your tank will continue to heat according to the last schedule set when there was internet connection. You can also use the gauge to boost your tank without the need for internet.

How do Mixergy tanks operate with smart home controls?

The Mixergy tank is able to interface with smart home controls using a simple switched live line. This allows the Mixergy tank to receive scheduled heating signals from a Hive, Nest, tado or other similar home controllers. Please note: If you choose to control your tank in this way, you will lose the ability to control a number of your tank’s features such as smart (variable) scheduling and volumetric (i.e. not time based) charging.

How do I control my Mixergy tank using voice control?

If you use Alexa or Google Assistant as a smart device in your home, you can control the temperature in your Mixergy tank, request a boost or check your current water level, plus many more commands.

Is there technical support if I have connectivity problems once the tank is installed?

Mixergy offer technical support over the phone and can use remote diagnostics where possible if the tank is connected to the internet.  Simply head to our Contact page to get in touch with us.



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