We are growing a network of installer partners who share our passion for offering customers the best products and highest levels of service.

Together, we are providing customers with a clear path to transition to low and zero-carbon heating.

Why choose Mixergy?


Offer your customers the latest in smart and connected hot water technology


Support your customers in their transition to net zero carbon heating

Ongoing Support

Dedicated support to help you sell, install and maintain Mixergy products

Flexible solutions for your customers’ needs

With Mixergy you can offer your customers a full range of system configurations and sizes to meet their individual needs.

Mixergy tanks are ready to connect to a broad range of energy sources: gas or oil boilers, solar PV, solar thermal, or heat pumps.

Easy installation

Mixergy tanks are easy to install with the same plumbing footprint and connections as a conventional hot water tank.

Training support and technical guides will be provided to ensure a smooth installation, including on the additional wiring that is required to make our tank that bit smarter!

Mixergy Installer App

The Installer App is the easy way for you to commission your Mixergy tank install.

Remotely track and manage all your Mixergy installations, access technical guides, schematics and ‘how to’ videos, and even request a quote for the next install.

What's it like to install a Mixergy cylinder?

Become a Mixergy Approved Installer

By joining the Mixergy Approved Installer network you will receive all the support you need to offer our tanks to your customers.

This includes priority technical training and support, as well as inbound customer leads.

Ongoing support & training

We strive to provide the highest levels of support to enable you to sell, install, service and maintain our products with confidence.

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