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by | Oct 18, 2021 | Mixergy News |

We’re very excited to announce that Mixergy have now been officially accepted onto the Wates Innovation Network, where we will be joining an exclusive list of companies on their WIN Portal that are assisting Wates Group (one of the UK’s leading family-owned construction, development and property services companies) and their clients to boost the industry transition to Net-Zero.


The Wates Innovation Network is an innovative, forward-thinking but essential program in todays’ new build sector, established to discover cutting edge, market-leading sustainable innovation for the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings. It’s the first initiative of its kind, designed to help businesses ‘build back better’, connecting companies directly, and free of charge, with partners that can offer solutions to help meet sustainability targets. It aims to create an industry leading network that will accelerate the transition to net zero by showcasing smarter solutions to design, construct and maintain buildings.


The process for being a Wates Innovation Partner involved an initial application/screening process covering all aspects of the company and technology by 40 key individuals & environmental experts selected from across the Wates Group organisation. The process then came to a rather dramatic and exciting ‘Dragon’s Den’ style final pitch to a panel of 16 green judges to cement our place as part of the group moving forwards. 


One of the main issues in the past with innovative companies like ourselves; companies trying to establish themselves in important industry sectors amongst more tried and exhausted, dated technologies, is the key decision makers within the organisations we reach out to, just don’t know we exist. This means that market-ready, CO2-reducing, independently validated technology, like our hugely innovative smart hot water cylinder solutions, often go ignored or may well be seen as ‘smoke and mirror’ technologies that only contribute to the fog in an increasingly confusing smart-tech landscape.


What Wates Group have done, through their Innovation Partnerships & WIN Portal, is establish a valuable link, and I would go as far as to say urgent link, between ground-breaking technologies like ours and the organisations sincerely looking to reduce or eradicate their carbon footprints in the most productive and confidence-inspiring arena.


We look forward very much to working with Wates and their client base moving forwards and are extremely grateful to them for both the imagining and creation of the WIN Portal and for our inclusion on it.


The need to establish quick and dependable links between innovative companies like Mixergy and key organisations, and indeed between the innovation pioneers themselves, has never been more urgent.



For more information about the Wates Innovation Network, visit: www.wates.co.uk/win-portal or watch the video below.

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