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Green Homes Grant & Mixergy

By David White Nov 20, 2020
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Due to the impact of COVID-19, 2020 has been a tough year for many businesses and individuals. In response to these challenges, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has deployed some creative measures to stimulate economic growth during the most challenging economic circumstances of a lifetime, from furlough schemes to ‘eating out to help out’, measures have tried to reach all sectors of the economy. One measure of interest to the eco-conscious is the Green Homes Grant.

The Green Homes Grant was developed to be a catalyst to the ‘can afford’ segment of society to invest in low-carbon heat measures and to help low-income households easily access energy and cost saving measures. The recent announcement that the Green Homes Grant has now been extended through to March 2022, makes it even more accessible to the UK population.

Those who ‘can afford’ are provided with a voucher up to £5k to cover 2/3rd’s of the cost of certain listed primary and secondary measures, low income and social landlords can access a voucher up to £10k in value. The scheme has fairly simple entry requirements; invest in a heat-pump retrofit, solar thermal retrofit or invest in insulation upgrades to your home. Once you’ve embarked on a primary measure you are then entitled to use the remaining value of your voucher on a secondary measure, such as glazing upgrades, heating and hot water controls (full details found here).

The scheme doesn’t explicitly state how you can use it to access smart energy saving hot water systems, such as Mixergy’s hot water tank, and we’ve been asked many times by interested customers since the launch of the Green Homes Grant! By investing in either a heat-pump or solar thermal solution as your primary measure, you are able to fund the replacement of your hot water cylinder. This is possible because your existing hot water cylinder is unlikely to be compatible with either a new heat-pump or solar thermal unless you already have either technology present in your home.

So why choose a Mixergy cylinder over and above a conventional heat-pump cylinder?


Mixergy heat-pump cylinders can be installed up to 25% smaller than the conventional alternative. This is because our patented diffuser designs prevent mixing occurring during discharge events, protecting your hot water so it goes further! Mixergy heat-pump cylinders also take advantage of externally mounted plate heat-exchangers that mean we can make slimline heat-pump cylinders that do not need large internal coils, so you are not sacrificing too much space to your new hot water cylinder. Finally, you can access all of Mixergy’s smart app and control functions; know how much hot water you have available via the app or locally on the gauge, set machine learning schedules to optimise your water heating schedule and even take advantage of time of use tariffs such as ‘Octopus Agile’.

Why choose a Mixergy cylinder as your solar thermal cylinder?

Solar thermal hot water cylinders typically come in a dual-coil configuration allowing home-owners to connect both their solar thermal circuit and boiler circuit, ensuring heat can be generated year round. One challenge of traditional solar cylinders combined with boilers is that the boiler usually heats the full contents of the cylinder each morning, so you are guaranteed hot water if the sun doesn’t shine that day. The amount of water you draw out of the cylinder in the morning then sets the limit for the amount of free solar energy the cylinder can then absorb during the rest of the day. This is where the Mixergy solar thermal cylinder comes in… by only heating what you need every morning e.g. 20% of total volume with your boiler, you create the maximum available capacity for self-consumption of solar. In short – self-consume as much free energy as possible all year round and minimize usage of carbon intense energy! If you are looking for a smart and economical solution to take advantage of, then Mixergy could be for you!


Mixergy are working with a range of installers across the UK providing these solutions. Please check our installer network to find your local installer. If you have any questions or need support finding an installer, please reach out and contact the team.

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