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Mixergy partner with Midsummer to supply products to the renewables industry

By David White Feb 18, 2021
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Mixergy are pleased to announce a partnership with the newly launched Midsummer renewable heat division to help serve our rapidly growing installer channel. Midsummer have taken on ex-Max Fordham principal engineer, Jez Climas, to lead this new division providing additional firepower and technical insights to the fast-growing heat-pump, energy storage and low carbon heating market.

With many installers across the UK upskilling to supply and install heat pumps and energy storage solutions, providing easy access to technology and technical support has never been so important. With Midsummers online webshop and national distribution network, Mixergy will be able to get their smart hot water tank technology to more installers and faster than ever before.

David White, Business Development Director, Mixergy Ltd: “We are really excited at the passion and focus that Midsummer Energy have for the renewable energy sector and I have huge confidence that our installer network will enjoy working with the Midsummer team in bringing our low-carbon energy storage solutions to market.”

Another important feature of Mixergy’s relationship with Midsummer is their dedicated inhouse technical and design team, that will help those who are new to Mixergy, to discuss how best to install Mixergy alongside their heat pump or solar solution.

Jez Climas, Head of Renewable Heat at Midsummer, commented:

“We’re delighted to be adding Mixergy’s products to our heating product range at launch. The smart functionality of the Mixergy tanks will help homeowners maximise the benefits of all their heat pumps and photovoltaics and are exactly the kind of innovative product Midsummer loves to stock.”

Explore the Midsummer Wholesale website here and if you’d like to book in a training session to learn how Mixergy can help your heat-pump or solar installation business, please book a call with the team.

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