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Mixergy Software Update 3.2.0 Includes Frost Protection

By Lynsey Jamieson Jan 8, 2021
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With us now setting into a typical English winter, daytime temperatures are already struggling to reach a few degrees above freezing, and nights plummeting even further.  So, it’s a more important time than ever to make sure your hot water system is protected from freezing.

Without Frost Protection, the water in your tank/cylinder could end up freezing, particularly if your cylinder is in a draughty space such as the attic! As water freezes, it expands and can cause pipes to burst, causing leaks, water damage and an expensive repair bill. Mixergy have now rolled out a new software feature that automatically monitors the cold water conditions within your Mixergy tank and heats if required.


What is the Frost Protection feature?

The Mixergy tank now has a Frost Protection feature, which sees it automatically call for heat from either the boiler (if indirect) or immersion (if direct electric or heat pump) to turn on if the stored temperature at the bottom of the cylinder drops below 5˚C, heating it up to ensure the cold zone in the tank achieves at least 15˚C. This ensures that any risk of freezing is removed, whilst minimizing energy consumption.


Won’t this increase my energy bills?

Frost protection does mean that your tank will use either electricity or gas (depending on your installation) to heat the water up from its risky <5˚C to a safer temperature. However, Frost Protection could save you from a large repair bill further down the line.

Keeping the minimum temperature level to around 5°C will mean that the tank will only heat at the coldest of times, you may never even see Frost Protection kick-in on your cylinder if it is tucked away in a warm cupboard in the middle of your home!


Is this in place now?

The Mixergy tanks latest software update 3.2.0 was deployed on 16th December 2020, meaning all Mixergy customers whose tank has been connected to the network since then, will now have this feature up and running on their tank.

You can find the Frost Protection control setting in your Mixergy.io settings here:


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