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Proudly partnering with Expert Trades

By Mixergy Team Oct 8, 2021
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Mixergy are embarking on an exciting and unique journey with one of the fastest-growing and largest installer platforms in the UK. Mixergy have partnered with Expert Trades as their exclusive hot water cylinder partner.

What does that mean I hear you say? Mixergy and Expert Trades are combining to create a programme of training, communications, and support to educate plumbing, heating, and renewable installers across the UK on the full range of Mixergy’s smart connected hot water systems.

We’ve already hosted some online webinars, attended by engaged groups of installers eager to learn more. We have a programme of videos that we are creating with new Mixergy installers to document their journey and experiences. This content and engagement is being used to convert interested installers into bonafide Approved Mixergy installers, who can be listed and found on our installer map.

’The Expert trades platform is uniquely positioned to help us create meaningful installer to installer engagement, product reviews and ongoing support to our fastest-growing sales channel. Our work with Expert Trades is helping us build an exciting profile and presence in a marketplace dominated by traditional brands.’’ David WhiteBusiness Development Director at Mixergy

Over the coming months, we will be running more webinars for installers, sharing the experience of installing a Mixergy cylinder via video testimonials with some of our newly approved installers, and running various competitions to win a Mixergy cylinder!

Here is an example of an Expert Trades: Mixergy testimonial video with one of our Approved Installers, Tim Smith of Tim Smith Plumbing & Heating


We love working with brands that have innovative products whilst understanding the value of trade engagement and building a strong community. Mixergy are one of these brands, and we’re looking forward to helping in growing their installer network and working in collaboration to introduce the future of hot water systems to the Expert Trades community Adam CallowCEO of Expert Trades

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