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Zetland Passive Homes – Ecospheric

By Mixergy Team Jul 2, 2018
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Ecospheric are a sustainable property developer and green building consultants in Manchester. They’re specialists in passive house design and have recently achieved Passive House Plus certification in their Zetland Road Passive Homes retrofit project in Chorlton. This makes them the greenest retrofit in the UK!


300ltr direct electric Mixergy hot water tanks help these properties in achieving optimum energy efficiency. The selective heating feature of Mixergy tanks frees more ‘space’ for renewable energy generated from the Solar PV panels which are installed, providing free hot water when the sun shines.

These houses promise to produce incredibly low bills and require minimal maintenance, outperforming more than 99% of new builds and any property of its era.

Read more about this project -> https://www.ecospheric.co.uk/zetland

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