New Build Housing

Mixergy provides new build developments a cost-effective route to achieving energy performance standards, whilst also giving house buyers the latest in smart hot water technology.

How Mixergy provides a great
solution for new build housing

SAP benefit

Cost effective route to achieve regulatory compliance

Easy integration

Easily accommodated into current and future house designs

Increase saleability

Home buyers love the latest in smart hot water technology

Mixergy delivers cost-effective regulatory compliance through SAP

Mixergy’s unique method of heating water through thermal stratification is now factored into the SAP Appendix Q database, having been recognised by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for its carbon reduction benefits.

This means that developers can now accurately calculate the energy performance improvements gained by installing a Mixergy tank into both new and existing dwellings.

Mixergy’s adaptive ‘top up’ heating methodology has been proven to give significant improvements to SAP scores, with the maximum SAP benefit achieved when combined with solar PV due to its ability to offset primary carbon.

To find out more about how Mixergy technology can help improve the energy performance rating of new build housing developments, contact us to book a free consultation.

Easy integration into house designs

Installed in the same way as a standard hot water cylinder, and with the same (or better) physical profile, Mixergy tanks can be easily integrated into current and future new-build housetypes.

House designs based on a mains gas boiler can benefit from the SAP improvements of installing Mixergy and solar PV – avoiding the need to consider other technologies such as a heat pump.

Enhances desirability of homes

Sustainability and energy efficiency have become important factors for house buyers who are concerned about rising energy bills and carbon emissions from their potential new home.

With Mixergy, housebuilders can offer award-winning hot water tank innovation which will help their buyers live better, save money and reduce their impact on the environment.


Housebuilder Awards 2021

We are delighted to have been crowned PRODUCT OF THE YEAR at the prestigious Housebuilder Awards 2021.

The overall award followed on from initially winning the Best Services Product category in a competition held earlier in the year.

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