Using Google Assistant to control your Mixergy tank

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“OK Google, what is the temperature in Mixergy tank?”


“Mixergy tank is set to 50 degrees”


You speak and Google listens… and you spoke and we listened! That’s right, we have now expanded our voice control range to now include the capability to control your Mixergy tank with Google Assistant.

Google Assistant within Google Home, forms the foundation of smart home control, offering the use of voice commands, voice searching and voice-activated device control to complete a huge number of tasks or control various devices within your home set-up. You can use it to send messages, play a certain song, check on the weather, find out how long your journey to work is going to take you today, set a timer whilst cooking dinner… the list is endless.

We are hugely excited to share that controlling your Mixergy tank is now on this list.

Whether you are asking via your smart phone, smart speaker or smart watch, Google is there and ready for when you need it.


To set up Google Assistant to control your Mixergy tank, follow these instructions:

Set up

Open the Google Home app

  1. Click on the ‘+’ (plus sign) in top left corner.
  2. Select “set up device”.
  3. Select “Works with Google”.
  4. Search for “Mixergy Controller

You will be required to link your Mixergy account, you should see something like this:

Fill in you Mixergy account details and select OK.

Your Mixergy tank should then be visible in the Google Home app, the default name is ‘Mixergy Tank’ (if you have multiple tanks, they are named Mixergy Alpha, Mixergy Beta, etc). The name of your device(s) can be changed in the Google Home app to whatever you want.


What you can say to control your Mixergy tank


Google Response


OK Google, <turn on> <device name> <heating>

Sure, turning on heating on <device name>

Heats tank to 20% above current charge

OK Google, <turn off> <heating> in <device name>

Alright, turning off heating on <device name>

Turns off the immersion (if it’s on)

OK Google, fill <device name> <amount>

OK, filling to <amount>


OK Google, fill <device name> to X%

Got it, filling to X%


OK Google, how full is <device name>?

<device name> is filled to X%


OK Google, is <device name> <heating> on? 

<device name> heating is on/off


OK Google, what is the temperature in <device name>?

<device name> is set to X degrees

X is the target temperature, not the actual water temperature

OK Google, set <device name> to X degrees

Sure, setting <device name> to X degrees

Sets the target water temperature


Some commands support different phrases:




heating, immersion, boost


quarter, half, halfway, one half, three quarters, full, all the way, complete

<turn off>

turn off, stop, deactivate

<turn on>

turn on, start, activate


Find out what else you can control within your home via Google Assistant here.


If you have any ideas for any additional commands that would come in handy to control your Mixergy tank, please let us know by contacting the team.

Or if you would like to add a Mixergy hot water tank to your smart home, configure one now, or get in touch and we’ll help you choose the best tank for your needs.

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