EDP investment brings Mixergy to Portugal

May 30, 2023

We are excited to share that Mixergy cylinders are available in Portugal as we see our investment partner EDP commercially launch our products to their customers.

Portuguese customers of Mixergy will see savings of up to 60% on their hot water bills thanks to the excess solar being produced in their homes, being used to heat their water, via our PV diverter.

Savings are looking to be even higher in properties that previously used gas for water heating solutions.

EDP’s venture capital arm, EDP Ventures, invested in our technology as part of our recent £9.2 million investment and has allowed us this opportunity to accelerate the decarbonisation of the residential sector in Europe.

Sustainability is part of EDP’s DNA, with 74% of their energy generated, coming from renewable sources. They aim to be all green energy by 2030. Mixergy cylinders use self-generated energy from the sun, so our technology supports their green ethos.

At night, electricity is used to heat the water to guarantee enough water for the morning’s needs, then during the day, the sunny European climate allows excess solar production to heat the water for the remainder of the day.

We cannot wait to see the homeowners of Portugal enjoying the energy efficiency of Mixergy, and maximising the Portuguese sunshine for their hot water and saving money on their bills at the same time.