Heat what you need

We’ve used innovative engineering and machine learning to transform the everyday hot water cylinder into the leading smart hot water solution.

Our patented technology heats only what the home needs by partially heating the cylinder, with a direct electric and/or gas connection.

We can deliver hot water up to 10x faster, be a third smaller and our machine learning builds schedules with smart tariffs and more.

A Mixergy X connecting to Solar PV, a Heat pump and a Gas Boiler

Save with Mixergy

Lower bills

Brings down hot your water bills by up to 40% heating what the home needs.

Save money

Reduce carbon

Machine learning enables you to reduce your gas consumption by up to 21%.

Heat what you need

Smart tariffs

Integrate with off-peak renewable tariffs, use machine learning and boost with the Mixergy app.

Be smart


Connect with solar PV, a heat pump, gas or oil boiler, at any time and comes with a 25-year warranty.

Built to last

Technical data

Min reheat time (15-64C)44 mins
Standing heat loss (kWh/24h)0.54-1.73
Heat pump compatible Yes
Solar PV compatible Yes
ErP ratingB
Standard height (mm)888-1924
Standard diameter (mm)549
Available in Standard or Slimline with Indirect or Direct connections

Homeowner guide

Discover what’s right for you

Mixergy is fast becoming the go to hot water solution for the energy efficient home. This handy guide will help you determine the right hot water cylinder for your home.

A young man and woman washing and drying dishes together in a bright kitchen.

Mixergy cylinders are our preferred choice and are specified in all projects undertaken by our three companies.

Darren Howard, Founder & Director, MBloc Ltd. and Mixergy Approved Installer