The indoor heat pump for your hot water

Our iHP X is small, quiet and efficient; heating your water with a fast, reliable and convenient integrated, indoor heat pump.

We’ve used innovative engineering and machine learning to make sure the home never runs out of hot water. Heat only what you need and know that you’ll get hot water fast while reducing the energy needed for the home.

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Why iHP X

Heat 10x faster

Heats usable hot water in under 30 minutes – 10x faster than conventional heat pump cylinders

Heat faster

Small and quiet

Non-intrusive, the heat pump head unit has a low noise level and can be a third smaller


Innovative engineering

A detachable heat pump head unit makes it easier to transport, install and service.


Built with the future in mind

Cylinder come with a 25-year warranty and 5-year warranty on the heat pump head unit.


Technical data

Coefficient of performance (CoP)3.4
ErP ratingA+
Minimum reheat time (15-50C)30 mins
Sound pressure level (dBA)50
Achievable hot water temp via heat pump55°C
Height (mm)1325-2145
Diameter (mm)580

Homeowner Guide

Discover what’s right for you

Mixergy is fast becoming the go to hot water solution for the energy efficient home. This handy guide will help you determine the right hot water cylinder for your home.

A young man and woman washing and drying dishes together in a bright kitchen.

Noise was a big thought for me, but its absolutely fine. Even in a cupboard, the Mixergy iHP is quiet. We’ve never this much data before with a hot water system, I’ve never been able to see how much energy we’re generating.

Laurence Haslop, Homeowner and MD, Develroy Ltd.