High-performance vented and pressurised stainless steel cylinders that heat with conventional and renewable heat sources.

 Mixergy sell energy-efficient and cost-effective hot water tanks for the home. They’re internet-connected and operate on an integrated Internet of Things (IoT) platform to enable intelligent control over your water usage.



Unlike conventional hot water tanks which heat all or nothing, Mixergy’s novel top-up technology enables you to selectively heat what you need.

Compared to a conventional cylinder, Mixergy achieves:


Usable hot water up to 5x faster


Hot water bills reduced by 5-20% through energy savings


Delivers up to 30% more usable hot water


Better utilisation of PV within the household



Always know how much hot water is available. Quickly boost your tank to heat more water.  

Don’t risk a cold shower!


Quickly set a schedule to heat exactly how much water you need, when you need it. Set multiple schedules for the week or copy the same schedule over for each day.

Set dates in vacation mode to stop your tank from heating when you’re away, and to start again on your return.


The Mixergy app is able to calculate how much energy you’ve used heating your water and approximate how much this will cost you on your particular tariff. 

Just enter your tariff rates!





Mixergy to help balance the National Grid

    "Centrica to use customers' hot water tanks to stop blackouts" reads the headline in The Guardian this weekend. Mixergy are thrilled to announce that the Mixergy tank is the first domestic hot water product to be approved by the National Grid to provide...

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Green Energy Awards Finalists!

    Clean Energy System Disruptor awards shortlist! Mixergy are announced finalists for the 16th annual Green Energy Awards in the Clean Energy System Disruptor category. Mixergy's entry showcases the Mixergy tank as an enabler for utilities to roll-out...

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Solar and Storage expo 2019

    The Mixergy team had the pleasure of exhibiting in the #start-up zone of Solar and Storage 2019. A busy three days with lots of interesting conversations with representatives from housing associations, renewable contractors, utilities, and the list goes...

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European Utility Week, Paris 2019

    Mixergy will be exhibiting at European Utility Week in Paris this November. This expo connects the smart energy community to highlight the strategies and technologies available to support the decarbonisation of the energy network. We share the vision of...

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David Hogg
David Hogg
16:24 30 Sep 19
We've recently had our ageing indirect hot water tank replaced with a Mixergy tank, having first heard of the tank on an episode of the YouTube show, Fully Charged, a few years ago. The concept is amazing and now that we've got one installed in our home, we love being able to minimise the amount of energy we need to heat the water for our house – and using self-generated solar energy as much as possible! The customer support from the team at Mixergy has been faultless – I must have sent a dozen emails back and forth in the run-up to purchasing the tank, making sure I fully understood how it would work and how it would work alongside our solar panels and Tesla Powerwall battery. The answers always came back quickly and in great detail. The excellent customer support continued after the tank was installed by our local plumber, with one of the team being available on their mobile over the weekend after installation to address a few concerns we had (a strange smell in the hot water turned out to be residue from brazing during the installation process which disappeared after the full 100% heating cycle). The whole customer journey with Mixergy has been exemplary. It's testament to their focus on customer satisfaction that throughout the whole process I felt like I was their only customer – something I very much try to emulate in my own business!read more
Kevin Butler
Kevin Butler
17:19 30 Aug 19
Buy one of these cylinders if you need to replace your old hotwater tank fantastic productread more
Will Littlewood
Will Littlewood
16:24 27 Aug 19
Really great company with a fantastic product. Would always recommend a Mixergy cylinder to anyone looking to improve their hot water situation at more
Stephen Howell
Stephen Howell
16:08 05 Aug 19
I ordered a Mixergy Tank after doing my research about unvented hot water cylinders and whilst my expectations for a 'Smart' internet connected hot water tank were high, I can genuinely say that my expectations were surpassed and I have been incredibly impressed by both the operation of the tank and by the customer service offered by the team. Having decided I wanted to go with a Mixergy Tank, the next job was to find an installer who could not only install the Tank but change my ageing gas boiler, instal Solar Panels, a storage battery, an EV charge point and give me an integrated solution. Mixergy helped with this too and recommended the fantastic Richard Green and team at Deluxe Developers Ltd. I could not be more pleased with the result. The Tank is simply incredible. I can view the hot water content on an App on my phone, adjust and schedule how much hot water is stored and at what time of the day and also use the App to keep track of the cost of heating the water. My Tank is also Solar PV ready so if I find I am generating more electricity than I can store in my battery and my electric car, I can set the system to heat water in the tank using solar energy. It is early days yet but the combination of a new boiler and a Smart Mixergy Tank looks like our daily gas bill for hot water is going to be much less than the standing charge for the supply of gas. From what I have seen so far, we are using less than half the gas we used to use for hot water. That is a brilliant result and has exceeded my expectations at every level. Well done Mixergy for an amazing product - the future of hot water has just arrived!read more
Trish Gutteridge
Trish Gutteridge
09:23 02 Jul 19
I'm really pleased with my Mixergy tank. It was installed in December and I immediately noticed how efficient it was compared to my old tank. I am not technically minded but James from their Project Team has been brilliant at clarifying any queries I have had. The tank is really easy to programme and control and I love being able to heat only the water I use each day. If you have guests and need more hot water, you just give it a boost and it heats the extra amount quickly and efficiently. It's brilliant!read more
Ben Breeze
Ben Breeze
10:15 20 Jun 19
Bought a Mixergy 210l tank a few months ago after seeing it on YouTube. It’s great to know how much hot water you have available and be able to boost it direct from your phone if required. I bought it primarily as it was ready for a PV diverter so any excess solar power I have can go straight into heating the tank with supporting hardware. I’ve yet to set this up but am very keen to see how it looks, being a smart tank you can visualise how much energy has gone into the tank and where from. Support is more
Marian Sargeant
Marian Sargeant
11:49 19 Jun 19
Just had a Mixergy system installed as it was recommended by my neighbour. I am more than happy to recommend this system and the excellent service I have received throughout its installation. I had lots of questions regarding the system before and after it was installed and on each occasion David White was on hand ready to answer any questions. Via e-mail and phone. Even when my electrician had to call him out of working hours which wasn't ideal but as always he was more than happy to help. Incredible commitment to their customers! We are totally enjoying the process of getting to use this system and learning how to utilise its software to suit us. Really looking forward to the rewards of low bills. Can't praise the system and it's FANTASTIC! customer service enough. Marian Sargeantread more
Ben Riddle
Ben Riddle
11:22 11 Jan 19
We purchased and installed two Mixergy hot water tanks in our Passivhaus Retrofit houses in Manchester. I was very impressed with the level of co-operation and service received from everyone I spoke to at Mixergy. The tanks are performing well; the standing losses are much lower than anything I've experienced before and the app is a very easy way to control how much hot water we more
Robert McIntosh
Robert McIntosh
17:30 30 Dec 18
Really enjoying my new Mixergy hot water tank. It looks great, but the best things are that I can monitor how much water I heat and use, saving me money but always ensuring we have hot water, and do this from my mobile phone. The tank also integrates with my solar panels to get free hot water. Highly more
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