Maximise self-consumption

Make the most of your solar power consumption without needing a traditional battery with the Mixergy Solar X. We’ve used innovative engineering and machine learning to transform the humble hot water cylinder into the leading smart hot water solution for Solar PV.

The Mixergy Solar Diverter monitors your solar power and automatically diverts the excess energy for your hot water. It only heats what you need, saving energy, money and time.

A image showing the connection of a Solar X hot water cylinder using the embedded solar diverter.

Why Mixergy

Reduce hot water bills by 40%

Heat your water for free by storing the excess energy

Save money

Reduce grid consumption up to 35%

Automatically diverts the excess energy to the hot water

Self consume

Get smart tariff ready

Integrate with your favourite off-peak renewable tariffs to save even more

Be smart

Built with the future in mind

Designed to work with any heat source and come with a 25-year warranty

Built to last

Technical data

Min reheat time (15-64C)44 mins
Standing heat loss (kWh/24h)0.54-1.73
Heat pump compatibleYes
Modulation range15W-3000W
ErP ratingB
Standard height (mm)888-1924
Standard diameter (mm)549
Available in Standard or Slimline with Indirect or Direct connections

Homeowner guide

Discover what’s right for you

Mixergy is fast becoming the go to hot water solution for the energy efficient home. This handy guide will help you determine the right hot water cylinder for your home.

A young man and woman washing and drying dishes together in a bright kitchen.

Mixergy is a year-round solution, so even without the solar PV, the machine learning means they can heat what they need. But with PV topping it up, it means they will virtually have no cost to their hot water bills when the sun is shining.

Harry Bowen, Project Manager at Mid-Wales Property