Experience Sustainable Luxury: The UK's First Fully Renewable Holiday Home

November 16, 2023

Sunseeker Homes has partnered with Mixergy, Ambion Heating and Next Phase Leisure to offer the UK’s first fully renewable luxury holiday home.

The Sunseeker Homes Aruba lodge has integrated and innovative smart home technologies to enhance the resident’s comfort whilst offering maximum energy efficiency.

The Sunseeker Homes Aruba Lodge

The Sunseeker Aruba is the ultimate in luxury lodge living. It features a Mixergy smart hot water cylinder, Ambion infrared heating panels, solar PV, and eco-friendly fully recycled outside cladding.

Offering our customers maximum comfort with maximum efficiency is a key ethos for us. Mixergy and Ambion bring to the table innovative technologies which does just that, and supplying to Next Phase Leisure is an obvious choice for us as they’re ethos matches us to be leaders in getting the UK leisure industry green.

Richard Moore, Sales Director, Sunseeker Homes
Richard Moore, Sunseeker Holiday Homes

Saving up to 37% on the hot water energy use

By combining Solar PV with Mixergy’s smart hot water technology, these homes can save up to 37% on their hot water energy usage. This is made possible using Mixergy’s patented top-down heating technology, which ensures that only the required amount of water is heated.

A Solar X cylinder installed

The cylinder’s unique solar diverter also allows excess solar energy to be stored, transforming the hot water cylinder into a hot water battery. This innovative technology reduces energy wastage and enables homeowners to maximise the use of their solar power.

An aerial view of the Aruba lodge

Mixergy is the ideal hot water solution for renewable holiday homes. Easy to fit and connect with Solar PV or any energy source, Mixergy heats water from the top down, only heating what they need. They can store their excess solar PV energy, meaning when they’re out and about on their holiday activities, they won’t be wasting energy and their hot water will be ready for them when they return.

Tom Oldfield, Head of Sustainability at Mixergy
A solar X cylinder installed

Infrared heating provides comfort with less energy use

Ambion Heating’s exceptional quality tempered glass infrared panels increase heating efficiency by 60% when using Solar PV, delivering a comfortable home environment. Sleek in design, easy to use and fit, they are ideal for holiday homes as they provide a warm, comfortable environment very efficiently.

The Ambion system is ideal for renewable holiday homes because its unique control system uses pulsed electricity to give all-day comfort whilst saving energy. It also uses energy from the Solar PV, working with the Mixergy cylinder to make best use of this renewable energy source.

Oliver Baker, CEO, Ambion Heating

Next Phase Leisure is leading the way on renewable holiday home sites

As drivers in carbon reduction, Next Phase Leisure holiday home parks are leading the way in reducing their energy use. They are proud to offer these renewable holiday homes across their sites and support the environment by reducing the carbon footprint for their residents.

Next Phase Leisure can offset the park’s overall energy use by utilising the excess energy from the Solar PV on the homes when they don’t need it, saving on running costs and energy use.

Andrew Hird, Next Phase Leisure

The combination on the technical expertise of our colleagues at both Ambion and Mixergy together with the undoubted build quality of Sunseeker makes this product not only unique but also extremely relevant in the current climate with the emphasis always on energy reduction and improvements to all of our customers carbon footprint.

Andrew Hird, General Manager, Next Phase Leisure

Aligned with the values of sustainable solutions for low-carbon homes, Mixergy is looking forward to continuing to support our partners with this project by providing an energy-efficient hot water solution.

Contact the team if you’re a developer interested in how Mixergy’s patented technology can help you meet net-zero standards and offer your customers an innovative solution to save carbon.