Helping Homeowners at a Cala Homes (East) development save up to 250kg of CO2

May 3, 2023

Mixergy’s smart hot water technology heats water from the top-down, allowing the user to only heat what they need. Heating water fast, saving carbon and giving the user complete control.

Installed in 164 homes connected to solar PV and traditional boilers at Cammo Meadows in Edinburgh, Mixergy is seeing homeowners save significant amounts of carbon. In some cases, Mixergy is delivering over 50% of a household’s hot water for free, with one homeowner saving around 250kg of carbon a year.

An exterior photo of a Cammo Meadows home in Edinburgh with a Mixergy cylinder installed.

Mixergy was chosen as the hot water solution by Cala Homes (East) as it helped them meet SAP requirements with Mixergy being part of Appendix Q and can connect to both solar PV and gas boilers. This in turn offers their customers an innovative product to reduce their carbon footprint.

Philip McCulloch, Technical director, Cala Homes East

I love the fact that our homeowners come to life when we explain how Mixergy works. It’s simple and effective. Contractors also like the product as they find it easy to install, just like a traditional cylinder. For Cammo Meadows, we needed a product that would work with both solar PV and gas boilers to help us make that transition to a gas-free domestic environment which is why we chose Mixergy. It was so exciting to find an innovative company and it was a pleasure to work with them.

Philip McCulloch, Technical Director, Cala Homes (East)

Mixergy cylinders are just as easy to install as conventional hot water cylinders, making them ideal for contractors on large developments. As well as this, they can be up to a third smaller.

Homeowners have complete control over their water heating using a mobile app and integrated hot water gauge. Residents can heat between 10% and 100% of the volume in their tank, saving energy and money by using smart schedules and machine learning to heat only the water they need. The tanks also have a boost function, so they never run out of hot water.

A Solar X installed with a Cala Home

“For 3 of us, we only ever need to heat the tank to up to 40%”

One family living on the Cammo Meadows development is saving significant amounts of CO2. They only ever need to heat 40% of the tank to meet their home needs. It only takes them 10-12 minutes for their tank to return to that level after hot water activity, such as a shower. This means the energy required to meet their home’s hot water demands is significantly less than that of a traditional cylinder.

Installed with Mixergy’s Solar Diverter, they’re able to store excess solar energy effectively. Over a relatively cloudy few days, they discovered that they didn’t need to use their gas boiler for nearly 36 hours to heat their tank, despite them using significant amounts of hot water during that time.

A kitchen within a Cala Home. An overlay reads: Mixergy is an ideal solution for new builds to offer their customers a future proof solution in our energy transition.

We rarely use the whole tank, we’re only ever heating 35%-45% of the tank to meet our needs. When we have visitors, we can easily boost the tank to meet the extra demand. It’s a massive benefit to not heat the whole tank, and to only heat what we need.

Homeowner, Cammo Meadows

Mixergy is able to connect with any energy source. When connected with solar PV, Mixergy’s Solar Diverter optimises energy use by storing excess solar energy.

Think of Mixergy like a hoover. It scoops up all that low-grade solar which would normally go back to the grid during the day and stores it for your hot water. So it offsets your energy bill and your carbon. We’ve seen large carbon savings across the board. One homeowner is saving around 990kWH a year, which is the equivalent of 250kg of carbon.

Tom Oldfield, Sustainability and Energy Manager, Mixergy
A sign outside of Cala Homes Cammo Meadows featuring Mixergy.

If you’re a developer interested in how Mixergy’s patented technology can help you meet SAP and offer your customers an innovative solution to save carbon, get in touch with the team.