Mixergy and VerdeGO group are delivering innovative net zero homes to drive down carbon

May 23, 2023

The ideal hot water solution for the modern net zero home

VerdeGo Group’s net zero homes in Priddy’s Hard, Gosport, are saving homeowners an average of 30% on their energy bills, compared to a standard new build.

Taking a whole system approach to their building ethos, from the foundations to the structure and the technologies in the home, Mixergy was chosen as the ideal partner to provide energy efficient hot water.

An aerial view of Priddy's Hard, gosport

Specified in 21 properties, Mixergy cylinders are working seamlessly with the Wondrwall home energy management system to optimise the stored energy from the solar PV to heat the water in each home.

A Wondrwall home energy management system

Across the country, Mixergy is saving homeowners up to 40% on their hot water bills when combined with with solar PV, and at the Priddy’s Hard development, it is contributing significantly to the CO2 reductions on site.

Offering user-friendly and fast water heating, Mixergy forms part of the site’s net zero offer to homeowners who want reduced energy bills with minimal CO2 emissions, whilst living conveniently.

David Craddock, Founder of VerdeGO Group

Our goal is to create sustainable homes which drive down bills, Mixergy was the ideal hot water solution to help us achieve that. By combining their technology with Wondrwall, we can offer a whole system that delivers the heating, hot water and unregulated energy for the home. Hardly any interaction is required from the homeowner to operate and manage them.

David Craddock, Founder of VerdeGO Group

Mixergy was also a convenient solution with its ease of installation, with BS Electrical and Testing Ltd as the contractor. Requiring the same connections as a conventional tank, implementing the technology into the specifications meant VerdeGO Group could include a product that didn’t require a new or rare trade skill set.

A Mixergy cylinder and guage

“This is tank is amazing…”

Connected to 4KWh of solar PV, Mixergy works with the Wondrwall system to capitalise on smart tariff charging to keep hot water bills at a minimum. The Mixergy app takes care of all their water heating needs using machine learning to set schedules and heating the water at the optimal times. The boost function is then able to provide fast hot water outside of set schedules, up to 10x faster than conventional tanks, so they’ll never run out of hot water.

Residents of Priddy’s Hard, Andy and Rob work from home, crafting and selling beautiful pottery from their studio kiln. This puts a large demand on their water and energy use, but despite this, they never run out of hot water and are spending very little on their energy use.

Priddy's Hard residents. "Since November 22, homeowner's total energy bills are on average 30% lower than the typical new build home."

This tank amazing, and so well insulated, it has hardly any heat loss! You can control it through your app, and it’s very easy to boost when we need extra hot water. We love this home. We’re spending very little on our energy bills, it feels like the energy crisis has passed us by.

Andy & Rob, Homeowners

The future of homes is net zero

As the UK progresses to a net zero future, housing must embrace new technologies to drive forward a low carbon stock. Developers like VerdeGO Group are essential leaders in this transition.

The reason why we do what we do is because we believe in a zero-carbon future. We need to drive down the carbon from our homes, the biggest C02 emitter in our country and the world. I believe if we focus on sustainable building solutions and adopt innovative technologies like Mixergy, we can build homes fit for the future.

David Craddock, Founder of VerdeGO Group

Aligned in the values of sustainable solutions for low carbon homes, Mixergy is looking forward to continuing to support the development’s next phase, providing energy efficient hot water.

This development is special as it’s entirely electric, there is no gas. Mixergy is the ideal solution for providing hot water for the home, and we integrate seamlessly with complimentary systems like Wondrwall. We’re proud to be part of this development and look forward to providing future hot water solutions to VerdeGO Group as they embark on their next phase.

Pete McBride, National Business Development Manager at Mixergy

If you’re a developer interested in how Mixergy’s patented technology can help you meet net zero standards and offer your customers an innovative solution to save carbon, get in touch with the team.