Mixergy joins SmartEn: a step towards a smarter energy future

January 25, 2024

We are proud to join smartEn, the largest European business association focused on integrating consumer-driven solutions to facilitate the transition to clean energy. 

The fundamental goals of smartEn align strongly with Mixergy’s in that they strive to make buildings and homes smart, which can be achieved in many ways, such as EV charging or using smart hot water cylinders. Furthermore, smartEn is looking to open markets to a greater degree of flexibility.  

Through our contribution and collaboration with smartEn, we hope to derive value in many ways. This includes increasing our influence in the EU electricity market. smartEn was ranked as the number one energy stakeholder influencer in negotiations on the Electricity Market Design. So, it is an excellent forum to contribute to, as there is consistent engagement with high-level policymakers.  

For example, ancillary market designs vary considerably from market to market, limiting the ability of assets to derive the full potential value in terms of contribution to the grid. For example, residential assets cannot participate in the demand response market in the Spanish and German markets. We hope that through our engagement with smartEn, we can positively influence policy change so the true value of home assets, whether that is in the form of EV charging or a Mixergy smart water cylinder, the true value and potential are realised. 

At smartEn, we are excited to welcome Mixergy, a pioneering company in sustainable home technology. Together, we share a common goal; to accelerate the clean energy transition. Mixergy’s innovative solutions align seamlessly with our mission, offering homes future-proof solutions that save carbon, costs, and maximize comfort. As we integrate decentralised solutions, our collaboration with Mixergy exemplifies the power of partnerships in building a sustainable energy future for all.

Michael Villa, smartEn Executive Director

As one of smartEn’s members, we can access insights and share our inputs with the various task forces to benefit from the expertise of our other members and steer the conversation. 

There are a number of reports produced each year, and we can provide a unique insight, being the only smart hot water cylinder provider on the forum and familiarising people on the continent who are not used to the concept.  

In addition, through our membership, we will also have greater visibility, with smartEn representing members across a spectrum of industry events in the year. Finally, through working alongside our various partners with smartEn, we can access different funding sources from the EU in collaboration. 

We are incredibly excited to join the smartEn community and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership alongside all of the other members.