Mixergy joins the Heat Pump Association 

June 4, 2024

With the launch of the Mixergy iHP X integrated heat pump cylinder and more developments in the pipeline, Mixergy has become a member of the Heat Pump Association (HPA).   

Pete Armstrong, CEO and Co-founder of Mixergy, explains: “The energy transition is well underway and the heat pump market is burgeoning.  So, it’s important that Mixergy has the opportunity to contribute to the collective heat pump industry voice and help to influence and advise government policymakers and organisations such as MCS.   

“There is also an important job to do, helping consumers understand how heat pumps and smart technologies can provide a more sustainable heating and hot water solution. 

“We are delighted to be a member of HPA and are already taking part in working parties to discuss the future regulatory frameworks for energy smart appliances (ESAs) as part of the latest consultation on Smart Secure Electricity Systems (SSES). 

“In addition, the Future Homes Standards, HEM and SSES consultations give us the opportunity to put Mixergy technology at the heart of decarbonisation of heat and the electricity network”, he concludes. 

The HPA is a trade association committed to promoting heat pumps as a low carbon solution.