Supporting installers to adopt renewable energy solutions

May 30, 2024

Pete Armstrong, CEO at Mixergy, shares his thoughts on how manufacturers can support sole trader installers as the heating industry goes through major changes.

As the world strives to reduce its carbon emissions, the transition to renewable technologies, such as heat pumps and solar PV, is not just a trend but a necessity.  However, if you are a sole trader or small business installer looking to enter this burgeoning market, the journey can be daunting.  That’s where Mixergy can step in, offering crucial support and resources to help you adopt renewables and thrive in a changing heating sector.

Training for success

One of the initial challenges for installers venturing into renewables is acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge. Manufacturers can play a pivotal role by providing comprehensive training programmes tailored to specific technologies. At Mixergy, we offer training courses to our Approved Installer network that cover everything from product installation and maintenance to industry regulations, troubleshooting and system optimisation.  

By equipping our installer network with the expertise needed to carry out high-quality installations, we help to improve customer satisfaction and trust in renewable solutions. Our support doesn’t end when the training course finishes — we’re here to provide technical support whenever it is required.

Our smart and efficient hot water cylinders can be installed now and upgraded at any time in the future to work with heat pumps or solar PV. 

Business support for growth

In a competitive market, effectively marketing your service offer is essential to a business’s success. At Mixergy, we can provide our network of Approved Installers with access to marketing resources and help grow existing customer bases by passing leads through our Installer Finder. The finder helps our Approved Installers to secure more projects and grow their businesses. 

Importance of moving into renewables

For heating installers, embracing renewables isn’t just about staying ahead of the curve — it’s about future-proofing their business.  With growing awareness of climate change and increasing demand for sustainable solutions, renewable energy technologies represent the future of the energy sector.  

By diversifying offerings and aligning with the shift toward clean energy, installers position themselves for long-term viability and relevance in a changing market landscape. Mixergy can help with this transition.  Our smart and efficient hot water cylinders can be installed now and upgraded at any time in the future to work with heat pumps or solar PV. 

This means that customers who are not yet ready to invest in those technologies can upgrade their cylinders now and take advantage of the energy savings they’ll make straightaway by heating only what they need and scheduling with smart energy tariffs. When they are ready to take the next step, it’s easy to adapt the cylinder for whatever the future holds.

A Mixergy X connecting to Solar PV, a Heat pump and a Gas Boiler

And finally…

Installers play a vital role as frontline ambassadors of renewable energy in the journey towards a sustainable future. Partnering with manufacturers that provide comprehensive training, business support, and marketing assistance will help navigate the transition into renewables with ease. We can support in discussions with customers that will drive the adoption of clean energy solutions, realising the vision of a greener, more sustainable future.

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