Welsh Government Warm Homes Nest Scheme

January 6, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Mixergy technology has been approved for use by the Welsh Government Warm Homes Nest scheme, a scheme that provides free impartial advice and funded technology solutions to help homeowners with low incomes to make properties warmer and more energy efficient.

The scheme has been providing energy-saving measures to people across Wales for a number of years and, in a move to further lower the carbon impact of residents’ homes, the Mixergy cylinder has now been made available as an option.

The Nest scheme is delivered by PH Jones (part of Centrica Group) and has so far helped 1000’s of eligible homes lower bills with wide-ranging measures from insulation, space heating, and now, hot water.

Eligibility for the Nest scheme is based on the following criteria:

  • You are a homeowner or rent from a private landlord
  • Your home is expensive to keep warm and is energy inefficient
  • You or someone you live with gets a means-tested benefit or suffers from a chronic respiratory, circulatory, or mental health condition and an income below defined thresholds.

As part of the product approval process, our cylinder performance and energy efficiency data was presented to the Welsh Government to demonstrate that our technology would be perfectly suited for use in the scheme. Alongside the energy-saving ‘heat what you need’ aspect of our cylinder, its adaptive heating design allows multiple energy sources to be fitted and the Mixergy app even helps improve homeowner awareness about their energy consumption.

Mixergy cylinders offer our customers even greater control of their hot water, supporting them to make further savings on both cost and carbon emissions. This technology supports no regrets decision making, as it can be upgraded to connect to a heat pump or have the Mixergy photovoltaic diverter added to allow the cylinder to capture surplus energy from the homes solar PV system storing it as hot water giving further savings.

Ross Kirwan, Nest Scheme manager

If you want to know more about the scheme visit the website where you can find out how Nest can help and how to apply.

If you would like to discuss how Mixergy can help your housing association or local authority to lower bills across your portfolio, please contact David White.