Why we 'took a stand' for a better built environment at Futurebuild 2024

March 8, 2024

We believe technology should be at the forefront of sustainable living, and innovations like our smart hot water cylinders will be vital if our housing stocks are to reach net zero.  

That’s why we were an innovation partner at the UK’s foremost platform for the built environment, Futurebuild. Bringing together many stakeholders, from developers to government, we showcased how Mixergy is leading smart hot water solutions and contributed to the discussions around technology adoption.  

Pete Armstrong participating in a panel at future Build 2024.
Pete Armstrong as a panelist at Future Build 2024

Leading on how we make heating smarter, connected and futureproof

Our CEO, Pete Armstrong, participated in the Future X panel discussion by the Sustainable Energy Association on technology adoption into the UK retrofit market.  

As a technology leader in grid connectivity in hot water storage, he commented on the need for more integrated and joined-up regulatory solutions whilst enabling smart technologies like ours to be at the forefront of change.

Toby Morris presents on how Mixergy's remote diagnostics and machine learning can help reduce hot water consumption while heating what the home needs.
Toby Morris presenting at Future Build 2024

Toby Morris, our Business Development Manager, also presented at the event. He outlined how Mixergy can heat what the home needs while using remote diagnostics and machine learning to enable landlords and homeowners to monitor and reduce their hot water energy consumption.  

Welcoming our peers and like-minded companies to see our smart hot water range, we displayed how we connect with any energy source at any time in the cylinder’s lifetime, making our solution future-proof for the energy transition.  

In addition to this, we had our recently award-winning integrated heat pump cylinder, the iHP X, on display.  

It’s 3x more energy efficient than a direct electric cylinder and boasts the fastest re-heat times on the market. Seen as an ideal energy-saving hot water solution for any build type, it’s perfect for homes where the space heating and water heating are decoupled and much easier to transport and install with its innovative modular engineering, which allows for the heat pump head unit to be detached.  

Mixergy range of cylinders on display at Future Build 2024.
The Mixergy range on display.

At the forefront of new technology partnerships for the adoption of electric heating

We also held a launch event of our new partnership with Herschel Infrared Heating, where our direct smart cylinders are now available to purchase alongside their innovative infrared solutions for the home.  

Seen as a convenient electric solution for any house type, we can provide our unique embedded Solar Diverter range, which can store the excess energy from the grid and use the for the home’s hot water. This approach saves households up to 40% on their hot water bills.  

A crowd gathers around the Mixergy stand at the end of day 1