Mixergy Hot Water Tank Awarded Product of the Month by Boiler Guide

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Mixergy News | 0 comments

Mixergy are proud to announce that the Mixergy smart hot water tank has been crowned ‘Product of the Month’ by Boiler Guide, a leading website for consumers looking to find local heating engineers.

Boiler Guide recommend the very best home heating products to consumers looking to reduce their energy bills, and the innovative top-up technology of the Mixergy smart hot water tank has earned it the title of ‘Product of the Month’.

“Rather than the all-or-nothing approach of conventional tanks, the Mixergy hot water tank only heats the level of water needed. This process reduces energy waste, reheats water 5x faster than a traditional tank and helps to lower energy bills.

In addition to being efficient, Mixergy hot water tanks give consumers unparalleled control over their hot water, giving users the ability to set how much hot water is needed at any one time as well as the temperature. Alternatively, let the tank’s AI Machine learning algorithm adapt to how much water is being used on a day-to-day basis.

Available with a lengthy 25 year warranty, the Mixergy smart hot water tank is a highly-reliable addition to any domestic hot water system.”




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