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by | Dec 17, 2021 | Installers |

The Mixergy Installer app version 1.4 has just been released and contains the following new features and updates:


Tank address details

A tank address page has now been added which includes auto address look-up, to simplify the installation process when commissioning the cylinder.


Tanks notes page

It is now possible to keep a note of any issues or notes you want to keep about an installation within the tank notes page.


Useful help videos

Videos have now been embedded inside of the app, to help you with any installation challenges you may come across.


Tank boost capability

The ability to boost the tank directly from the installer app is also now a feature.


Request a quote

You can now request a quote directly from the installer app – just complete the ‘build a tank’ form and submit. This will go directly to our sales team who will get in touch with you to confirm the quote.


Join the Installer network

If you’re not yet signed up to be a Mixergy Approved Installer, you can now sign up from directly within the app.


Number of tanks installed

A stats section has now also been included for you to see how many tanks you have installed to date.


Overall app updates

  • The heat pump temperature setting feature has now been removed.
  • Support for Android 7 and 12.
  • Updated colour scheme.


We are always working on improvements to the Mixergy Installer app to enable you to carry out and complete installations of our cylinders with ease. So if there are any features or capabilities that you would like to see within the app, please get in touch with us.


If you are currently installing Mixergy cylinders but not yet using the Mixergy Installer app, please get in touch to book a session to learn how it is used, and to register yourself as a commissioning engineer.


The app can be found in Apple App Store or in Google Play Store.

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