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Net Zero Energiesprong Retrofit

By Mixergy Team Aug 9, 2019
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Mixergy are extremely lucky to be a part of the UK’s first Net Zero retrofit project using the Energiesprong approach. This Dutch initiative meaning “energy leap” transforms homes so they meet the energy performance standards required of properties by 2050. Through making improvements to features such as cladding and windows, and installing renewable technologies such as solar panels, these retrofits are able to drastically improve insulation and reduce running costs for occupants.

Within each of these properties indirect Mixergy cylinders are installed. These are interfaced with external plate heat exchangers linked to a communal heat main, which is a borehole ground source heat pump (GSHP) and thermal store.

Melius Homes delivered the Energiesprong approach to the first 10 pilot homes in Nottingham City Homes properties, and provide a service performance guarantee for 30 years. These 10 properties are the first of 155 expected to be completed by 2020.

Read more about this project here.

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