The smart hot water solution for net-zero

At Mixergy we are focused on developing cost-effective and practical solutions which help to decarbonise the homes of today and tomorrow.

Through technology, we are unlocking ways for housebuilders, housing providers, architects, specifiers, and consultants to transition housing stock from fossil fuel heating to low and zero-carbon alternatives.

An aerial view of a new build housing estate with solar panels

Take care of your homes

We offer unique remote diagnostics allows for cylinder monitoring and health checks.

Remote diagnostics

Provide a cost effective route

We work with any heat source and offer a wide range of easy to install solutions.

SAP compliance

Boost your EPC score

Our solutions can significantly boost your EPC rating for apartments, homes or a combination.

EPC rating

Solutions for any build type

Mixergy offers a range of smart hot water solutions that can cost-effectively help you meet SAP compliance or boost your EPC score. Our team will work closely with you to determine the best fit for your project needs, including SAP and EPC modelling advice.

New build developments

Whether your including solar PV, gas boilers, heat pumps or direct electric, our full range of smart hot water cylinders and integrated heat pump cylinders are cost effective and simple to specify.

A design image of the Cala Homes Cammo Meadows area

Social housing retrofit

We offer unvented smart hot water cylinders or smart thermal stores, which can boost the EPC rating significantly with any energy source.

An image displaying one side of a block of flats involved in the Birmingham City council retrofit.

Apartments or houses

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to determine your project needs whether it be for homes or apartment blocks.

A person making notes on blueprints with a pencil beside a ruler

We need to drive down the carbon from our homes…I believe if we focus on sustainable building solutions and adopt innovative technologies like Mixergy, we can build homes fit for the future!

David Craddock, Founder of VerdeGO

Saving new build homeowners up to 30% on their energy bills

With easy connection to solar PV and heat pumps, Mixergy tanks provide a cost-effective and convenient way for new build developments to lower primary carbon consumption and achieve building regulations compliance.

Reducing tenant’s hot water bills

We can support landlords in the transition to decarbonised heating, giving tenants a better, faster, and more cost effective solution for their hot water needs whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

I’m better off, I can do more, I can spend more money on my grandchildren. It’s one the best things the council has ever done!

Dorothy, Resident with Birmingham City Council

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