Maximise savings


Always know how much hot water is available and boost whenever needed.

Smart tariffs

Set your schedules and integrate with Smart Tariffs to run at the optimal time.


Track your use, compare with others and always get the most out of your cylinder.

User guide

To get the most from the Mixergy App, see our Homeowner guides. This includes guidance on registering your cylinder, setting schedules and optimising the settings.

Voice control

Use voice commands via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, boost your hot water, find out much hot water you have and much more.


Smartphone line up displaying aspects of the Mixergy app.

Smart Tariff Integration

You can save even more when you integrate with your smart tariff in the Mixergy app. It’s simple to set up and makes the most of our automatic scheduling controls.

E-on Next Drive

E-ON Next Drive customers simply need to set the off-peak rate to 9.5/kWh, with the off-peak hours to 12:00-07:00.


Octopus Agile

Octopus Agile customers simply need to select their tariff from our dropdown menu in the Electric Tariff section of the Mixergy app.


Octopus Go

Octopus Go customers need to set their Off-peak rate to 9.5p/kWh, with the hours set between 12:30-04:30.


GoElectric Overnight

EDF GoElectric Overnight customers need to set their off-peak rate to 8p/kWh, with the off-peak hours set to 12:00-05:00(GMT), which is 01:00-06:00 (BST).


Intelligent Flux

Octopus Intelligent Flux customers need to keep an eye on flexible rates and adjust the peak rate accordingly. Then set the off-peak hours to 19:00-16:00, and hours to 16:00-19:00.


Cosy Octopus

Cosy Octopus customers need to look-up the off-peak rates (regional) and set the off-peak hours between 04:00 – 07:00 and 13:00 – 16:00. Peak hours are 16:00 – 19:00