Mixergy Cube X – the smart choice for social housing

June 24, 2024

The Mixergy Cube X is a simple, convenient, smart hot water solution for housing providers.  It is particularly suitable for high rise flats as it does not need a discharge pipe and expansion vessel, meaning there is no requirement for G3 certification.  It is a thermal store with a small footprint, that easy to install, reducing installation costs and lessening any disruption for the tenant. 

Mixergy Cube X is manufactured from lightweight materials and is square (as the name suggests) allowing it to be installed in small areas.  It can absorb and retain large amounts of heat energy, heated using direct electric immersion heater.  Where solar PV is installed, Mixergy’s embedded solar diverter can be used to heat the water.

To help address the issue of fuel poverty, Mixergy’s unique ‘heat what you need’ smart technology means that households will save on their hot water bills, whilst being sure of having the hot water they need, all year round. 

Welfare dashboard and legionella compliance

Mixergy is the only cylinder manufacturer to provide a welfare dashboard with remote diagnostics so that the housing provider can see the health of their cylinder fleet.  This remote monitoring shows the hot water temperature of the cylinders, so they can see how it is being used by their tenants, flagging any issues that may arise.  For example, if a cylinder hasn’t been turned on for a while, it could indicate that their tenant needs checking on.

The system will also indicate if there are any issues with the cylinder itself, so they can be addressed early, before there’s a serious problem, reducing call-out costs and taking care of their tenants.

A key problem that housing providers have to grapple with is legionella compliance.  The welfare dashboard enables the housing provider to carry out legionella checks and auto cleansing cycles remotely – again reducing field service costs by not having to pay for expensive yearly visits.

Smart tariffs for even more energy cost savings

Smart tariffs are variable pricing plans offered by energy suppliers, where the cost of electricity changes depending on the time of day, offering greater flexibility and lower off-peak prices.  They are designed to prevent the electricity grid from being overloaded during peak times by encouraging consumers to use electricity during hours where, typically, demand is low and energy is cheaper.  

Like all Mixergy smart cylinders, we have designed Mixergy Cube X to integrate seamlessly with these smart tariffs.  The Mixergy app can be used to set up schedules to heat up the water when most people are sleeping and there is less load on the grid, to take advantage of the lower rates.

As well as helping to reduce energy costs, smart tariffs help to even out the use of electricity throughout the day so that more renewable energy can be integrated into the grid, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, and ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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