Mixergy and heat geek integration

April 12, 2024

Mixergy has been collaborating with Heat Geek to develop an app update allowing engineers and homeowners to maximise the performance of their Mixergy hot water system when operating with a heat pump. The ‘Heat Geek Setting’ setting enables the following:

1. Customers will be able to configure their system to operate to a lower cylinder set-point temperature to maximise their Coefficient of Performance, this can have a BIG impact. For instance, A Vaillant Aerotherm + operating at 55°C will have an 8% lower COP compared to the same system operating at 50°C:

A graph showing that a Vaillant Aerotherm + operating at 55°C will have an 8% lower COP compared to the same system operating at 50°C.

2. Within the Heat Geek settings, Mixergy will make available additional state-of-charge parameters that allow users to configure the minimum threshold temperature beyond which the cylinder re-heats. This can allow the system to operate with a wider control hysteresis to minimise short cycling and maximise overall efficiency by allowing the cylinder to heat from a more depleted state.

3. Mixergy’s State of Charge (SOC) algorithm will adapt to the Heat Geek settings so that customers can benefit from machine learning and get the most out of any variable time-of-use tariff they happen to be on.

While using the Heat Geek setting, customers can configure their sterilisation cycle to achieve their preferred balance between efficiency and pasteurisation frequency. Learn more about Legionella in our article Legionella – What is it and why does it matter?

The Heat Geek Setting will be available on the Mixergy app in May 2024. Visit our Mixergy App page to learn more about the App and settings.

At Mixergy, we strive to deliver the best customer experience by working closely with installer communities. Heat Geek is a great example of an installer community that reaches out to technology businesses to achieve the best solutions as we strive towards net zero with better heating systems.

Watch the Heat Geek video Hot water settings energy suppliers don’t want you to know!

Updated: 26 April 2024