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Mixergy and MWPHS

By Lynsey Jamieson Jul 14, 2022
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We are excited to announce a new partnership with Mid Wales Plumbing & Heating Supplies (MWPHS).


MWPHS are a specialist merchant who specialise in innovative heating and hot water products and work closely with a wide network of installers to ensure their customers obtain the very best products on the market today.


Their understanding of the key benefits of the renewable technologies available was also what contributed to our partnership with them.

“Mixergy’s revolutionary hot water technology and proven energy savings, integrate nicely into our business ethos. As an independent, family run merchant, we are really excited to add Mixergy to our product portfolio.  It is a really great product and having been so impressed with Mixergy’s technology, we are installing one in our own ‘smart home’ shortly.” Richard Burrows,Managing Director at MWPHS

We will be running some training sessions with MWPHS’s top installers in the coming months, and it’ll be great to meet some of their clients who will be ordering and installing Mixergy products in the near future.

“It’s fantastic to have such an enthusiastic merchant on board who is incredibly informed on many technologies so we are thrilled to have this partnership with MWPHS and I’m looking forward to building our relationship with them.” James Hoople,Business Development Manager at Mixergy

MWPHS sell both our Indirect and Direct tanks which can be found on their website and lots of additional information on Mixergy can be found right here on our website or check out our YouTube channel.


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