Whats the right cylinder for my project?

Retrofit or self-build

Either the Mixergy X, Solar X and iHP X could be suitable for your property, regardless of whether you’re building from scratch, or retrofitting your home.

The iHP X uses an air-to-air inbuilt heat pump, which requires an outside facing wall. While the Mixergy X and Solar X can be installed anywhere in the home.

A Mixergy X installed in a hallway cupboard

What is your existing home set-up?

Vented or Unvented

A vented cylinder takes its cold water feed from a separate header tank (usually located in the loft). An unvented cylinder uses mains cold water supply.

Mixergy X and Solar X cylinders are available in both variants, while iHP X is only available as unvented.  but if you require a vented cylinder or are looking to upgrade to an unvented system, we recommend speaking to one of our approved installers first. Vented cylinders are not currently available online. If you require a vented cylinder, please speak to one of our Approved Installers.

A diagram showing the difference between a vented and unvented house.

What energy source are you connecting to?

Indirect or Direct

Both our Mixergy X and Solar X can connect with a gas or oil boiler. If you wish to include this in your set up, then you’ll need an Indirect cylinder.

If your home is already gas-free, you’ll require a Direct cylinder. iHP X has it’s own power source through the integrated heat pump.

A Mixergy X connecting to Solar PV, a Heat pump and a Gas Boiler

What are the space requirements?

Standard or Slimline

The Mixergy X and Solar X cylinders are available in Standard or Slimline. iHP X is only available in Standard.

The Standard cylinders have a standard diameter of around 580mm. Slimline has smaller footprint to height ratio, with a diameter of around 480mm. This might be important where you need to get the cylinder through a narrow loft hatch or stairway, or fit in a tight airing cupboard.

The Mixergy smart hot water cylinder range line up including Mixergy X, Solar X and iHP X

How to choose the right capacity

Capacity requirements

It is important to install the right size of cylinder to meet the needs of your household. Mixergy cylinders are proven to deliver up to 30% more usable hot water when compared to a conventional cylinder*. This means you can actually install a smaller cylinder with no loss of performance.

You should also think about how your hot water needs might change in the future. Think about whether you are planning to grow the size of the family, or perhaps add additional bathrooms in the years ahead.

* National Physical Laboratory accredited

How to connect with your solar set-up

Solar X or PV Switch

Our Solar X comes with our embedded Solar PV Diverter and is the ideal solution to store the excess energy you normally send back to the grid, saving it for your hot water.

If you already have a third party diverter (such as a MyEnergi MyEddi or Solar iBoost), then the Mixergy X can add the PV Switch Kit.

A image showing the connection of a Solar X hot water cylinder using the embedded solar diverter.

Our cylinders are heat pump ready

Heat pump kit

Our Mixergy X and Solar X are heat pump ready. So whether you want to connect now or later to an outboard heat pump, your same Mixergy cylinder will be there. Simply add our Heat Pump Kit to your order.

The iHP X does not require our Heat Pump Kit.

An image showing how a heat pump connects to the heat pump kit of a Mixergy X or Solar X.

Is the iHP X right for me?

Integrated heat pump cylinder

The iHP X is our most efficient hot water solution for the home. While it can be placed anywhere in the home, it requires an outside facing wall to accommodate air-to-air ducting.

Thumbnail for iHP video explaining you can hit 10X quicker